For over a century, Cox Engineering has gone above and beyond to meet the most challenging HVAC requirements. We’re the region’s only HVAC provider that offers a full line of services as well as executive-level and personal service, all within one company. 

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Our design, construction, and service experts all work together to make sure no problems arise today or tomorrow. It’s a team-based approach that values personal service, strong relationships, and excellence in everything we do. 

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Cox Engineering has worked with some of the biggest names here or anywhere—Mass General Hospital, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Fenway Park, Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, and many more. Maybe that’s why we’re the trusted name in HVAC.

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Nobody understands the importance of cost control, construction quality, and schedule reliability more than Cox Engineering. We partner with three local unions to make sure you receive the high level of workmanship you deserve.

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At Cox Engineering, we do all our design work in-house. With state-of-the-art computer modeling systems and other technologies, we can design the most advanced, efficient heating and cooling systems out there—from new construction to retrofitting historical structures.  

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Our modern production facility allows us to fabricate sheet metal and piping in-house for many different kinds of projects. This capability is at the heart of our air handling construction success, and it's one of the reasons we’re known for outstanding quality.

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Cox Engineering is a market leader in HVAC retrofits. With a performance record that exceeds expectations, we have the expertise to replace your aging system piece by piece—and bring it up to modern standards and efficiencies. 

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Professional. Attentive. Available 24/7. At Cox Engineering, we go above and beyond to bring peace of mind, increase your building’s value, and provide the utmost comfort to tenants within. 

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Liberty Mutual is a leading provider of auto, home, and life insurance. The company is so committed to corporate responsibility, they only work with those who share their values. So when it came time to expand their world headquarters in downtown Boston, they looked to Cox Engineering.

The coordination phase was critical. We were faced with a very aggressive timeline, and the entire project had to be CAD drawn and coordinated in a 3D model. The BIM process allowed us to discover inherent building issues early on, such as extensive structural steel joists.

Despite the many challenges and changes that occurred along the way, we brought the project in on schedule. Liberty Mutual trusted us to do the right thing, and we didn’t disappoint.

Meditech provides innovative EHR solutions to care organizations. When the company needed a complete overhaul/retrofit of their existing chiller plant, they called on Cox Engineering. However, the job needed to be completed on a tight timeline, and the building had to remain operational during business hours.

We spent many hours coming up with a suitable phasing plan- one that allowed us to work during the day without disrupting our clients, kept the data center online 24/7, and made sure critical systems remained functioning after hours.

By every measure, the project was a success. There was no downtime to the data center, no loss of building heat or cooling during business hours, and no building complaints. Once again, we met our deadline without going over budget. 

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) has called on Cox Engineering time and time again. For their latest project, we were asked to rebuild a 55,000 CFM air handling unit that was more than 50 years old. To complicate matters, the aging system was located inside the hospital’s active neonatal intensive care unit.

We only had a small 12-hour window on weekends to accomplish our work, and the NICU’s systems had to be back up and running every Sunday by 6 AM.

While other HVAC providers said it couldn’t be done, we got busy coming up with a solution. The planning phase was critical. We devised a unique way to replace the system’s components piece by piece—dampers, coils, humidifier, fans, VFDs—without disrupting the newborns or the nursing staff. 

The project was highly successful. BIDMC now has a high-performance unit that will last another 50 years. We completed the job in just nine weekend shutdowns, right on budget and on schedule with no change orders. 

The New England Aquarium is one of Boston’s premier attractions. They wanted to introduce one of their African penguins to the public and needed a portable, air-conditioned viewing box that could be kept at 65 degrees. Anything below 50 or above 70 would be dangerous to the penguin, known as Roast Beef. 

Cox Engineering fit a portable cooling unit into an existing viewing box. That was the easy part. Roast Beef was scheduled to appear at top tourist destinations throughout the summer, so how could we guarantee that his box would stay at 65 degrees, even when the outside temperature climbed to 95 or higher? 

We devised a damper configuration that recirculated the cool air from inside the box directly back to the intake. We also installed a series of electronic microactuators and controls that would automatically adjust the dampers, ensuring that Roast Beef’s enclosure stayed at 65 degrees no matter how hot it got outside. And thus, the first Penguin Mobile was born. 

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